Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oh no. Not again.

I started a new play today. The last two have been serious, somewhat downtrodden plays in which the characters go through excessive troubles to get where they are. And even though the endings are positive, the path to get there was hard and wrought with peril. They were sad and depressing for the most part, and as a result so was I. This play, however, is anything but. It is full of happiness and roses, smiles and shinning light. This play is a modern day retelling of the book of Job. Only it’s a comedy! Here’s to hoping I can convey the message of the original text and retain a sense of humor that is both respectful and (gasp) funny. Probably not. But it’s worth a shot, eh? It can’t be worse than “A.I.” That was supposed to be a comedy, right?

By the way … if anybody would like to be in a play, let me know (I’m looking you, Tim. And you too, Jim). sasquatchinc-at-gmail

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