Monday, April 03, 2006

Great. Just Great

This is exactly how I hoped The Reds would start their season. It's gonna be a long summer.


jimi said...

i would point out again that you are talking about baseball, but with the consistent way in which you inssit on doing so - i am beginning to believe that you actually like this "sport".

In more important matters, how in the heck did Cincinnati end up being called "The Queen City"? i mean when i lived in Charlotte, and it was called that, it made sense - having been named for a queen, whose name was Charlotte and all - but Cincinnati? Was there a queen named Cincinnati?

The Sasquatch said...

It is called thusly because the city sits in a basin surrounded by hills on all sides. For some reason, people thought this was similar to having a crown, which is where they get the royal bent. At the time, cincinnati was the fourth largest city in the nation (this was a long time ago), and the second largest in what was then "The west." So it was originally called the queen of the west. This was changed when the west continued moving west, but even though Cincy is no longer near the top as far as size goes, it retained the nickname.

Of course, I could be wrong. It could be called the queen city because it has a large contingent of crossdressers.

Not that I would know anything about that.