Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good Guys, Bad Guys, Explosions (as far as the eye can see)

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Daniel said...

Dedicated to a ficticious individual Named Paul D.

I’m feeling a bit better now. thanks

Hey Paul, and merry sychophants

Listen, I do apologize for my comments to you, they were excessive.

Apparently it really riled you up-but in a snake like, passive aggressive way-

I am sorry for my overly blunt intrusion. I am.

You could have always gone yelled back-as you did or delete, whathaveyou.

No need to plot as a coward and recruit an anonymous cast of thousands thinking it's somehow not criminal especially as compared to my transgressions

I don't know about your Dad, but my taught me that what has been said, more or less man to man doesn’t justify what you have perpetrated and are up to now.

It’s very different in pupose and proportion

Didn't your dad ever tell you fight you own battles, and that there is no need to vilify those who offend you?

Well, now you know.

In good conscience, you would certainly circulate the following decree:

My blood thirsty and very sad children, my name is Dan.

You can call me…. actual don’t call me

This Dan Dude who you CHOOSE to make a hobby of your own inner hatred, is not the man you let yourselves imagine and portray and have worked so many hours as the convenient practice target for your own unrelated personal frustrations.

Get this, kids, whether you can grok it or not, doesn’t count:

It just might blow your more than merely sarcastic collective sycophant minds away to realize that this dan dude has a real big heart- present company expectorated- a pretty darn good mind , he doesn’t live with his mom ( she’s no longer here) He’s way good looking, has had many relationships, and is so accepting of his being merely a human being that he doesn’t mind to show his feelings openly -and that’s why he did just that- dig? fuckers.

I'm not ashamed of your fears

He doesn’t mind if those feelings are far beyond your own personal emotional capacity, or would be embarrassing for the likes of petty mocking cowards to openly disclose

And get this idea, this one is really good:

He’s so brave that he will express himself openly, the way he actually feels-
even when countless others- for political grudges -they don’t even know of (and ACTUALLY could never justify such retaliation) heaped upon him, which could not possibly have anything whatsoever to do with him, all for your own misdirected and pent up anger

My faults, though they are many don’t dehumanize me or change any of these truths

You owe me and the other actual living human being of my whilom romantic delusions who you also ridicule as if in my name an apology.

I’m sorry to disillusion you

Isn’t it a shame, but its all true,

Your notions of winners losers are your loss, you fucks

I simply don't see people that way

I can be quite sarcastic, it’s true.

But on the other side of humanity- you have been more than very ,very bad children.

you’ve been most willing to be cruel for just for kicks..

But it’s cool I’m over it now.. you think you would be? Nooooo Sireee!

Now, what have you fools been up to lately?

I’ll tell you. Your various blogs, written at Paul’s behest (which reveals or says nothing about me) are your own

words, reflecting your own emotional disposition, will and intent. Yep

Do you understand that fundamental principle? You’ll have to soon enough.

The man that you think to insult would never be, and never was so amazingly callous and cruel as you have shown for yourselves and all eyes to see. You may want to see a doctor for that

Trying to destroy your neighbor and equal, won’t make your blood lust go away

I’m already well acquainted with disillusion.

it’s your turn, now, kids

One last thing- when you’re on your way to work tomorrow, remember that I
work as I please on my own projects. Not because I better but just because I can.

You never really know until you really know.

Regardless, there is no reason to turn me into a villified something, that doesn't justify your hatred in the first place.
just for kicks or any tangible reason

Any questions?

Good Day