Thursday, October 11, 2007


Intelligence: n
  1. Wait until late June to address the broken air conditioning in the building, leaving my office to roast at over 100 degrees until almost Independence Day.
  2. Turn the air conditioning off September 1, when the temperature outside is still quite warm. Temp in my office: 103.
  3. In response to complaints, wait for temperature to dip into the 60s, then turn the a/c back on. Temp in my office: 40.
  4. In response to complaints, turn on heat in the building. Temp outside creeps back into the 80s. Temp in my office: 105.
  5. Temp outside continues to rise. Heat is still on. People complain vociferously.
  6. Facilities responds by turning on the heat for the second floor and the a/c for the first floor. Temp on first floor: 40. Temp on second floor: 95. temp in my office: 101.

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