Thursday, February 24, 2005

I can't believe I'm doing this all over again

So I tried this thing years and years ago, ok. I tried setting myself up with an "online journal" many moons ago, and it never worked out. Oh, sure, I'd write in it for a week, maybe two. Then, Real Life(tm) would hit, I'd forget about the whole thing, and my pointless missives about nothing at all would disappear into the ether, much like all those reruns of Seinfeld (only not nearly as funny).

But I'm back, baby! And the only reason I'm here is because I wanted to leave stupid comments in another "online journalist's" site. (by the way, I refuse to call it a "blog" because that sounds too much like what people do in the toilet after a night of heavy drinking) But who knows, right? Maybe I'll enjoy this. Maybe I'll get thousands and thousands of readers who por over my every word, waiting for some zen-like state of enlightenment to jump out at them, smack the macross the face and tell them "NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

The chances are that this won't be around for too terribly long, though. And if you're reading this, count yourself lucky. The good people at will more than likely delete it in short order, leaving you to slaver through the remaining pieces of peurile drivel that exists in small chunks all across the Intarweb.

See, I can use big words! I are smart.

Piece out,
The Sasquatch

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