Sunday, December 04, 2005

Who Dey!

Cincinnati 38 -- Pittsburgh 31


jimi said...

okay, so what's with the whole "who dey" phrase? i don't get it. never have.

The Sasquatch said...

Back in 1988/89 when the Begnals went to the Super Bowl, everyone in Cincinnati was caught in the hype (like they are now). With the success of the 1985 Chicago Bears still relatively fresh in everyone's minds, the Bengals tried to emulate the schamltziness that followed their trip to glory. The Bears made a music video that everybody loved. They played it on MTV and local radio stations across the country. The Bengals, in their lame attempt to copy the Bears, made a song and video of their own. It was called "Who Dey?" (as in "who dey think dey gonna beat dem Bengals?"). It was quite pathetic and nobody outside Cincinnati paid any attention to it. Naturally, the Bengals lost the Super Bowl (due to the idiotic prevent defense used against Jo Montana in the waning minutes of the game). Over the years, as the Bengals got worse and worse, people would occasionally bring up the Who Dey song and the stupidity surrounding it as a means of both remembering good times and making fun of the current team. It fell out of favor somewhere around 1996 or 1997 when the Bengals won 2 games. A couple years ago, when Marvin Lews took over, people started signing it again. Only now it was more apt since the Bengals have been relatively successful for a few years. Bootsy Collins (he of Parliament Funkadelic fame and a native of the Cincinnati area) even re-recordrd a version of the song in hopes of sparking a successful playoff run. I don't know anybody who has heard the remake.

Granted, it is pathetic and lame. Granted, nobody outside Cincinnati pays attention. But who cares? The Bengals are winning. Who Dey!

(*that's probably more than you wanted, right?*)