Friday, February 04, 2011

Writing on a regular bassist

So I didn't win the contest I sorta talked about in the last post. That's okay. It was an honor just to be rejected. Seriously, though. I think its time to start writing on a more regular basis (MS Word tried to turn that into "bassist." That's kinda funny. Is a regular bassist a dependable bassist who shows up to band practice on time, or is he/she a bassist with a diet high enough in fiber that his/her bowel movements are within the normal range?).

Thanks to Nathan Bransford for picking my paragraph as a finalist, and thanks to all three people who showed up at my blog and thought, "How the hell did this guy become a finalist? He writes like a drunk turtle." You have all made my day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to drink some beer, wax my shell, and give this bassist some oat bran.

-The Sasquatch

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Ben said...

So, I heard Victor Wooten has a lifetime supply of All-Bran. You might want to try writing on him. He's pretty regular.

Oh and bout the contest. Don't sweat it. You racked up some good numbers, but I think the important part is that you have shined to the eyes of an agent.