Monday, July 11, 2005

Notes on Stuff

Originally, I posted a single tidbit of information here, and I would have left it at that had I not thought of a few other interesting things to say. So instead of just one bit of pointless fun you get several pieces of useless information to make your day that much better.

Lucky you.

  1. Today, while playing frisbee golf, I heard Jim (from dilatoryaction) say, "That's good, because I've been looking for a reason to reanimate Irving Berlin's dead corpse!"
  2. I finished my most recent play for the Grove Drama team this afternoon. It's a play about a young, Christian woman who accidentally gets pregnant. In it, there is a Nazi schoolteacher who screams at children in school to learn the four baisc (and completely incorrect) facts about sex; there is a boyfriend who dresses like a '70s pimp, and when he speaks you hear Barry White Music in the background; there is a parental figure who threatens to beat his daughter's head in with a baseball bat; there are audience members who scream at the characters on stage; and there is a baby - a real, live baby. It wraps up in a nice and tidy 30 minute segment where almost all the problems are solved and everybody goes home happy, just like in sitcoms and in Real Life. I called it "Strange Love - or - How I learned to stop worrying and accept my mistakes." I suddenly feel bad about calling it that, because I don't like blatant ripoffs of popular (and good) movies, especially since it is my belief that Kubrick will one day come back from the grave and show his detractors the errors of their ways before their lives are over. Oh crap! I just ripped off Charles Dickens! Now I'm really screwed.
  3. I just drank 5 cans of Diet Mountain Dew!
  4. This morning, while playing frisbee golf (Jim wasn't there for this one...I'm not addicted to frisbee golf. I can quit whenever I want), I went to grab my frisbee and stepped on a bee's nest. At first, I thought I had stepped into a thornbush. Then the increased number of stings coupled with the incessant buzzing informed me of the truth. I ran from the woods, screaming like a little girl, then ripped my shirt off and swore profusely (taking the Lord's name in vain on many occasions). Yes, I would have laughed at me, too.
  5. Today is Monday and I am off work again!
  6. No, I don't plan to do a long bit of info followed by a short one and yet another long one.
  7. I'm cooler than that, dady-o.
  8. Did I just say "dady-o"?
  9. Harry Potter comes out this Saturday and I am excited. I am not as excited as I was to see the last three books in the Dark Tower series come to fruition, however, because in this instance, the author has not been run over by an aimless drunk and is therefore not as likely to die before the series ends. It is interesting to note that there are several Harry Potter references in The Dark Tower series.
  10. It is also interesting to note that I am a huge nerd.
  11. Remember that play I mentioned earlier? Well it turns out that I'm in the play! I had originally written the part for my good buddy Tim, but then he went and got his wife pregnant and now he doesn't have the time. So I have to take over the part because there aren't any other old and intimidating people in the young adult crowd. That's what I get for being fat and bald, I guess.
  12. This Thursday is Bastille Day! So, in the immortal words of Billy Crystal, "Au revoir gosses. Ayez l'amusement donner l' assaut à le château!"
Alright. That is enough.


thokolosi said...

I was wrong to speak of re-animating Irving Berlin.

I should have said I want to re-animate Burl Ives.

But I would settle for Irving Berlin.

The Sasquatch said...

That's right! Burl Ives. You had to admit, though. I'm the one who incorrectly brought Irving Berlin into the conversation. What was I thinking?

Meg said...

You have to email me and let me know when the play is going on at The Grove, because I have to be there. Especially if you are playing the 70's pimp boyfriend!!

The Sasquatch said...

It's sometime in September, and I'm not the pimp daddy boyfriend, sadly (I wrote him as skinny and with a full head of hair). INstead,I'm playing the father who threatens to beat his daughter's head in with a baseball bat! Don't's not bad or anything and it all works out in the end.

I think