Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Time Is It Again?

The United States government, fearing that too many students are finally grasping the age old "If a train leaves New York at 50 miles per hour..." question, has adopted a provision to extend Daylight Savings time.

"It would mean people would turn their clocks forward one hour on the first weekend of March and "fall back" on the final weekend in November. Currently in Canada and the U.S., daylight time runs from April through October. The exception in Canada is Saskatchewan, which keeps its clocks the same throughout the year."

I wish we could just keep it the same year round. It's not like it matters anymore. I'm just glad I don't live in Indiana, where some counties honor the time switch and some do not. Just imagine thinking to yourself, "I have to be at work at 8am, but since they're an hour behind me, I can sleep in. Unless, if course, I want to get gas along the way, then I have to wake up at 8:00 my time, leave the house quickly, run to the gas station, and make it in by 8:00."

You shouldn't have to do math to tell time.

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thokolosi said...

Starting next April, all of Indiana will be using daylight savings time in the same way.