Monday, November 14, 2005


Today is a very special No Work Monday. Today I have a pre-employment screening session with the good people at Ohio Statement University. If they like me enough, and if I decide to wear deoderant this time they just might, there is a good chance I might find myself sitting behind a shiny, new desk at a shiny, new office less than half a mile from where the Buckeyes play football games. They might even give me money to sit there. And, if I'm really lucky, they'll give me something to do to pass the time. Some sort of job-esque activity in exchange for the privelege to sit at the shiny desk and deposit the "significantly larger than my current paycheck" paycheck. One can only hope. So until that scary time comes (if it does), let's all enjoy the goodness of No Work Mondays while they last.

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