Monday, February 27, 2006

More Confusion

So it turns out that even though I was hired to do web development, supervise student technical assistants, and provide technological consultation to various faculty across campus, I am, in fact, not supposed to do these things. This is the word from top management. Also, I am not to have access to the database servers or the development servers. I am not to have sys admin rights to the computer labs, which I am now not supposed to be in charge of. This is not due to any mishap on my part. This was allegedly part of the plan all along. This leaves me with one major question: what the hell AM I supposed to do?

Nothing, apparently. Which is what I did all day and will likely do for the remainder of the week.

I am listening to this, by the way. It's really good. I should have majored in music or English or something artistic like I wanted to. C'est la vie. La vie n'est pas grande.

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