Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do you know where my keys are?

How sad is it that, in the play my friends and I are currently working on, I am nowhere near finished memorizing my lines, despite the fact that I wrote the damn thing and have been reading and re-reading (and re-reading again) each and every line since last October? And the final nail in the coffin of my memorization skills? I can recite, from memory, each and every line from Back to the Future parts 1 - 3.

What the hell?


(interior of a garage. We see a collection of clocks which show the time as 8:10. A radio blares to life)

Radio Announcer: October is inventory time at Stafford Toyota, and ...

(the radio cuts out and the camera pans across a few more clocks and several complicated pieces of household machinery. We come to a television set, which turns on to a news show, starring the lady who played the mother in "Just the Ten of Us")

Lady: ..The Senate is expected to vote on this today. In other news, officials from the nuclear researchfacility have stated that a case of missing plutonium was, in fact, stolen from their vault two weeks ago. A Libyan terrorist group has clained responsibility for the alleged theft, however, officials now assume ...

(the camera pans across a coffee machine which turns on and begins brewing coffee, despite the fact that the pot is not there. The camera continues, crossing several more clocks and stops next to a leverl arm, which beings moving resolutely. The arm makes loud, mechanical noises as it swings left, grabs a can of Alpo dog food, and swings right to a can opener, which opens the can. The arm swings back to the middle, leaving the lid affixed to the can opener. The arm rotates 180 degrees, turning the can upside down, which empties its contents into a dog bowl labeled "Einstein," that is overflowing with what appears to be several day's worht of uneaten dog food. The arm rotates back to its original position, moves left, and drops the empty can into a trash bin. We pan left even furhter to the door, which opens. We see a pair of white tennis shoes holding a doormat aloft. A key drops to the concrete and the mat covers it. The feet enter the room and we hear our hero, MARTY MCFLY, speaks).

MARTY: Hello, Doc?


I am a loser, aren't I?

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