Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Monday

Here it is 11:30am and I just now got back to my office after a morning of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had a morning meeting with Team Cynical™, wherein the interim manager attempted to extol the virtues of MSI packet updates as opposed to having students manually install them (at every machine across campus). Naturally, Team Cynical™ was completely comfortable with the old method, which takes several weeks to do and is unpredictable in efficiency, and felt that that the new system, which is already in place in other labs across campus and which takes a total of maybe a half hour, would not work because “we haven’t done it before.”

It’s a wonder anything gets done.

After the meeting I got to sit down with somebody to learn how they do imaging for a particular workgroup. This is how it works: put disc in machine -> run program -> wait -> restart machine -> tada! New image! Seriously, it’s like they think I’m an idiot or something. But that’s Team Cynical™ for you.

After that, I procured some AV hardware for a professor who is planning a “graphics intensive” class next quarter and wanted my assistance testing everything out before the quarter starts. Basically, he plans to use PowerPoint presentations. That isn’t really “graphics intensive” in my book, but I don’t get upset over semantics. The guy needs help and I am more than willing to fill that role. Besides, it means I get to traipse across campus twice a week to set things up for him, and Spring Quarter is a damn fine month to be outside.

Later this afternoon, I plan to design some more blog layouts for faculty members at the main library of the large state university in Ohio where I work, and then I’ll probably write up that proposal for a new style of Library Catalog I outlined last week in my meeting with the assistant director of the large state university in Ohio where I work.

No work Mondays are a thing of the past. And you know what? I’m glad.

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