Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to all the people who have come to this site from the other site where they're doing the thing I'm not allowed to mention lest I become disqualified and lose my shot at Internet glory.

A few interesting facts about me:
  • I can drink a 16 ounce beer in less than two seconds.
  • I used to use the "I can drink a 16 ounce beer in less than two seconds" line whenever I met new people, but I stopped once I graduated college (except for when I am in the company of lawyers, who consider such a feat a good indicator of intellectual prowess).
  • I have no idea who Mitch Hedberg is, but I'm certainly going to look him up on youtube once I get home from work and am able to watch videos on youtube without being threatened with corporal punishment.
  • Yes, my dad sometimes says those things, but he doesn't say them enough to fill in for the "#@!$ My Dad Says" guy, who totally sold his parents out for a crappy television show.
  • I think William Shatner would make a bad father.
  • He'd be a pretty good uncle, though.
  • A lot of people I know and like told me that Anonymous' entry was better than mine. I tend to agree. Anonymous' is shorter than mine and that makes it better because reading is hard.
  • If Shakespeare is right and Brevity is the soul of wit, I must be witless.
  • A lot of the people I know and like agree with the previous item in this list. Especially the "witless" part.
  • Thanks for looking at my blogger blog.
For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, just wait a few years for my next post. It will all make sense then.

The Sasquatch


wry wryter said...

I picked you.
Don't waste the gift you have...oh wait..what gift is that?
I'm not sure, but you better let it out of the box and onto paper because it's great.
Who the hell cares about who Hedberg is anyway. Tennis sucks.

The Sasquatch said...

Damn straight tennis sucks. I played it once. I hit the ball farther than anyone else on the court. All the way over the fence. I thought I had just hit a homerun, so I started circling the tennis court. Then the told me I was out of bounds.

"This is tennis," I said. "Not football. I'm not an idiot."

They didn't let me play anymore after that.

Thanks for the vote, wry, and thanks for the encouragement. I'll make sure to let whatever it is I have in my box get out every now and again. I'll then use those free moments to clean the box. I have to imagine it smells pretty bad in there.