Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Babies Everywhere

I was on my way to work yesterday, when I saw what appeared to be an older model Ford Escort with no less than two hundred plastic baby dolls glued to the hood, roof, and doors in a the fashion of Chihuly art. What struck me as odd, aside from all the plastic babies, was the person who drove the car. He wore a Pizza hut uniform. Keep in mind. It was slightly past seven in the morning.

Several questions floated through my brain at that moment. Why all the babies? Why the pizza delivery uniform? Who was ordering pizza at seven in the morning and why would the dleivery driver show up in a car covered in babies? Was it performance art? Was it a political statement? Perhaps something about abortion? If so, what is the statement? There weren’t pictures of aborted fetuses, like the kind you sometimes see on huge billboards. The babies weren’t disfigured. They weren't arranged in such a way as to convey some sense of meaning. It was simply a large collection of plastic dolls super glued to a car as it drove around the campus of the large state university in Ohio where I work.

It was a lot to handle that early in the morning, so I sat there for a second and then went to work as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

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tim said...

I've seen that car before down at the Gallery Hop--somehow it fits in there, but I probably imagined it drifted to a secret place for the rest of the week.