Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hopping The Pond

An exchange this afternoon between me and the director of my department at the large state university in Ohio where I work:

Director: Are you all set up for the conference in October?
Sasquatch: Yep. Airfare and accomodations are settled. All that's left is waiting.
Direector: Do you have any other conferences or training classes you'd like to attend in the near future?
Sasquatch: Not yet. It's hard to find stuff that's relevant to my position.
Director: Check out some universities in Europe. They're a bit ahead of the ball when it comes to [technology thing you don't care about].
Sasquatch: Europe?
Director: What? Have you never been?
Sasquatch: No. No, I haven't.
Director: Well this should be fun for you, then.

Put this on the list of many reasons why I love my job.


tim said...

That's good to hear! You'll finally be able to wear your beret and smoke pot legally! (that's what you would do, right?) :)

The Sasquatch said...

If I wanted to do that, I'd move to Denver.