Thursday, August 17, 2006


You know its going to be a bad day when you get into work on the first day that everyone is supposed to move into your building, only to find that the switches for one of the major networks have gone down, none of the staff computers will connect, and the network administrator is on vacation.

Time for some ghetto networking, courtesy of Sasquatch Inc!

1) Oh yeah ... and the room full of faculty computers I disasselbed and organized into neat piles for moving yesterday has apparently disappeared as well. The movers don't know what happened to them!

2) Oh yeah .... and the website I recently finished was rejected by the people who need it because I gave them everything they asked for down to each adn every explicitly annopying detail, and they ended up not liking it. They want me to do it all over again ... by Monday!

3) Oh yeah ... and the alcoholic faculty member in my office was the first to arrive this morning. Having discovered that her office is in a shambles, she has decided to blame me, saying she won't leave my office until I tell her what happened to her desk. Now my office smells like Bourbon and Vicodin.

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