Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The End of No-Work Monday?

So it seems that the goodness that is no-work Mondays has come to an end. Next week I return to the mad fun of the five day workweek crowd. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. And at least now I get to leave work at 4pm instead of 6!


thokolosi said...

How does this affect your bloggable hours?

The Sasquatch said...

Not much. I actually think I'll have more time here in the near future. We have a lot less stuff to do at work now (which is strange, since I never really had a lot), and I tend to do stuff on and off throughout the day.

Sean said...

hey.... i just realize that my post in response to that one comment didn't go through.... and it was long.... and of course, insightful. mostly long. I don't have the energy to repost it. can you deal with that? please? :)

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icuthl [i-koo-thel] adj: giving off or emitting an aura of just plain cooth.

nelitac said...

Just browsing the blogs when I ran across yours. I think you must be my karmic (?) twin, I too thought I was all that as I played trumpet in band, secretly wishing I was on the podium waving my arms. I dropped out of school only to return 15 years later and graduate with a degree in Education, here I sit, unemployed. But what really cinches it is the pic of Will Farrell on this blog. I love that SNL skit and seeing it on here brought a smile to my face. Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Have a great weekend.!