Sunday, September 18, 2005


I recently purchased the 2006 Writer's Market in an attempt to search for magazine that might buy a story or two I have recently written. In my search, I came across the listing for Playboy magazine, which states (and I am quoting directly): "Fairy tales, extremely experimental fiction, and pornography all have their place, but it is not in playboy."

Funny, isn't it?


fatman said...

I wouldn't say it's funny at all. I only buy Playboy for the hard hitting insight of their non-fiction articles and the eloquent prose of their award-winning fiction.


On another note, if you don't mind, I'd like to add you to my blogroll. In fact by the time you read this, I may (heavy emphasis on the word "may") have it up. If you do mind, just come on over and let me know and I'll delete the link. You probably won't get much, if any, traffic out of it. Just my way of saying thank you.

The Sasquatch said...

Hey...go ahead. I don't even know what a blgroll is! I hope it's good!

fatman said...

See where it says *links* on your home page? That's where your blogroll would show. It's basically a collection of direct links to other sites that you've visited and would recommend to people. It can, however, be a major pain to set up if you're as much of a luddite as I am. If you want to set up one of your own, click on the *Edit-Me* link under Google news and Blogger will walk you thru it.

Or there are other services such as BlogRolling at

The basic account is free and I'm told it's the best by the guy helping me to install it. It's also more complicated, which is why I'm getting help installing it.