Monday, September 19, 2005


A Story from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Amanda Bullington, 27, didn't go to prison. The Anderson Township woman was convicted of misdemeanor vehicular homicide for the June 16, 2004, crash that killed Tirzah Amrein, 72, a Greenhills woman on her way to the library.

Lost on Winton Road, Bullington picked up her cell phone to call for directions. She says she never even saw the red light at Cromwell Road.

Bullington was put on two years probation and fulfilled a community service order by visiting high schools and talking about what happened. She still visits schools, even though her community service is completed.

Bullington says students always think she's about to deliver another lecture. Then, they become riveted when she says she killed somebody when she took her eyes off the road for just one second.

She reminds them that driving is a privilege to be taken seriously. "It's the best thing to come out of this, even if I can just change one person's life," she says.

Bullington has talked to hundreds of students, but it never gets any easier.

She cries every time.

Tirzah Amrein was my grandmother. I'm glad to see that the woman who did this has learned from her mistakes and is doing something to educate others. That makes me smile.

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