Saturday, October 22, 2005

a day full of stuff

Today was a long day. First, we helped Abbie and Katie move into their new apartment. This act involved a great deal of driving all over the city, and on two of these trips I got lost and had to call somebody else for help. That’s less than normal, though, so it seems that I am finally learning!

After that, we retired to Chad and Christy’s for a while, whereupon Katie and Christy proceeded to go shopping at Target and Chad and I hung out watching television. When Chad and Katie returned home, Katie went downstairs to play on the computer, Chad and Christy went to get dressed for the evening’s activities, and I fell asleep on the couch under the guise of reading a book. Midway through my nap, when I was apparently snoring so loudly that the walls shook, the doorbell rang. I woke up, confused, and answered the door. Standing there were Chad and Christy’s neighbors with their two young children.

“Where are Chad and Christy?” they asked.

Still tired and confused about what was going on, I said, “Um…uhh….I thinks they’re upstairs. You know, taking a shower or something.” Upon revisiting this discussion, I may have given the impression that my friends (who are married…to each other, mind you) were upstairs doin’ it, while I was asleep on the couch. I believe this was the case, because Chad quickly came downstairs and took over the conversation for me. He seemed a bit nervous and the neighbors seemed a bit offended.

But what can you do, huh. I was asleep and my brain was fuzzy. Well, fuzzier than normal, anyway.

Later in the evening, a large group consisting of Me, Junior, Chad, Christy, Katie, Abbie, Nate, Ben, and Ben’s cousin Rachel met at a local bar filled with leather sofas, quality beer, and a dearth of people. I didn’t think such a place existed, and now that I have found it I plan to move in next door and camp out in front of the bar until they open in the morning. Finally! A reason to become an alcoholic!

We had good discussions this evening. Nate and I talked about computer stuff. Actually Nate talked about computer stuff and I listened. Because there is no comparison. Nate knows a lot about computer programming and software and system development whereas I know very little. And he is obviously very passionate about it. Which is cool. Later, Chad, Rachel and I discussed books and politics. Rachel mentioned that she is reading something about the history of celibacy and how the ancient Greeks viewed women as the members of society who were incapable of controlling sexual urges. I wholeheartedly agreed, quoting both The Lysistrata and The Bacchae, which I distinctly remember not reading when I took a Classical Civilization class in college.

I give the appearance of intelligence from time to time, but it is all an elaborate ruse to curry favor with those who are much smarter than I.

We left the bar and returned home slightly before midnight, whereupon I saw a letter outlining my ten year high school reunion and all the festivities which are soon to take place. The combination of this with the early end of a vibrant evening culminated in the knowledge that I am old. I am so very old.

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