Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fashion Cents

From a conversation with mom...

Mom: So I saw Napoleon Dynamite this week.
Me: Yeah? Did you like it?
Mom: Yeah, especially that awful brown suit he wore.
Me: (laughing) Yeah...that was pretty bad.
Mom: (laughing) It was almost as bad as that suit your dad used to wear.
Me: ... what suit dad used to wear?
Mom: You don't remember?
Me: No.
Mom: Let's see. The jacket was fire engine red and the pants were checkered red and white. The pants were also skin tight. The tie was red, too, but it was a slightly darker shade than the jacket so none of it matched.
Me: (laughing)
Mom: I can't believe he wore it.
Me: I can't believe you guys bought it.
Mom: We didn't buy it. It came in the mail.
Me: ...What?
Mom: Yeah. Right after we moved into our first apartment, this package just showed up out of nowhere. I think it was from McAlpins. Or maybe Sears. It had that terrible suit it and it fit him perfectly, so we kept it.
Me: (laughing)
Mom: Yeah, your uncle Skip thought it was funny when he wore it to John's wedding.
Me: (laughing even harder)
Dad: (in the background) What's going on over there.
Mom: Nothing. Joe's just laughing at your old, red suit.
Dad: (still in the background)...Hey that was a good suit. And it was FREE!

Truth is stranger than fiction.

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