Monday, October 10, 2005

Talk about Lucky

From last night's NLDS game between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves [link] :

Lucky fan is twice in the right spot
By LEE CEARNAL Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

Chris Burke's homer might not have been the only history-maker in Sunday's 18-inning victory over the Atlanta Braves. The fan who caught it — Shaun Dean of Porter — also caught Lance Berkman's grand slam shot in the eighth. Dean, 25, was sitting in the second row of the Crawford boxes. A client had given tickets to Joslin Construction, where he is comptroller.

"I never caught one in a game before," he said.

I've been to a million baseball games. And since they were Reds games, there was hardly ever anybody there. You think I would have at least caught one - or maybe I would have at least had a chance. This took place at a packed playoff game. And he caught TWO homerun balls. The odds of that happening are, I think, about the same as winning the lottery while getting struck by lighting and falling out of an airplane that is being flown by Mike Tyson and the Emperor of Japan.

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