Monday, August 15, 2005

I wanted to write something more substantial today, but the weather cooled off and my roommate woke up early. So we trudged off to play Frisbee Golf at Hoover in the rain. We were surprised to find that they have moved all the baskets back a considerable distance. So instead of shooting my usually 10 to 12 under par, I shot a 2 under par. Plus I got excessively muddy searching for my Frisbee in a pile of mud for nearly twenty minutes.

Yes. I had a great time.

Since I didn’t have time to write something more substantial, and since I know that there may be tens of people out there waiting with baited breath to hear something new and exciting about my dull and boring life, I have compiled yet another pointless list of stupid things that may or may not interest you. Enjoy.

1. In searching the internet for something cool to read, I came across an old friend’s website. Her name is Josie and she plays some groovy tunes for the people in the New England area. I wrote her and she wrote me back. As I told her in the e-mail I just finished, it’s nice to be remembered. And, as I didn’t tell her in the e-mail I just finished, it’s nice to find out that your old friends are doing well. She certainly is. Check her out here.

2.In speaking with Josie, I learned that another old friend, Adam Ross, is doing well on the left coast, playing fancy guitar for important people. I only knew him when he was a freshman, but he and I (and Josie) collaborated once to play a few dumb songs for the pit band at our high school talent show/arts thingy they do every year. Adam played the Jimi Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner, and it was really good. The sad thing now is that, where Josie and Adam are now bona fide musicians, I can barely play a C scale on my trumpet.

3. I sometimes wish I had gone into music when I was younger.

4. I fell down the hill today while I was playing Frisbee golf, and I twisted my knee. I swore out loud. A kid preparing to throw his Frisbee on the next hole turned around and looked at me like I had just shot his favorite cat. He wasn’t mad that I had sworn, apparently. I’d heard him swear several times throughout the previous holes. I think he was mad that I had interrupted his shot with my loud gesticulations. I apologized and he turned away, without responding, to make his shot.

5. He threw his Frisbee a mighty two hundred fifty feet. As he left the tee pad, he stooped to pick up his bag of Frisbees that read “Professional Disc Golf Association,” and he turned to look at me as if to say, “beat that shot!”

6. I stepped up to the tee and, with my gimpy leg, threw my Frisbee 50 feet past the hole and a full 100 feet past the guy who so recently gave me a nasty look for swearing loudly when twisting my knee, thus proving once again that in order to be a professional Frisbee golf player, you must also be a complete douche bag.

7. I started writing three short stores this weekend. One of them is cool. The Devil is in it. It’s sort of a Faustian tale with a twist.

8. I hate it when people compare their stuff to classics and then add “but with a twist!” It makes those kind of people sound like douche bags.

9. I get to go to play practice tomorrow for that play I wrote a while ago. I had to take over one of the parts when one of my friends backed out. The sad thing is that everybody in the cast has their parts memorized…except me. Which is sad. Since I wrote the damn thing.

10. I can’t think of anything else interesting to say. Go check out Josie and Adam’s websites.

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