Friday, August 12, 2005


So what do we do about the recent NCAA annoucnement that no collegiate teams that hope to enter its tournaments are allowed to have offensive names? I like the idea that we need to be less offensive to those who are made, but there are a few things about this that bother me. First, the Florida Seminole tribe has been in constant support of Florida State University's use of their name as a mascot. The tribe voted overwhelmingly in support of this, and they have worked together with FSU to create awareness among the community for the history and culture of the Seminole tribe as well as their current standing as part of American society. The NCAA never contacted them and, in fact, has no Native Americans on its multicultural awareness board.

Then we have the Fighting Ilini from Illinois. The NCAA has stated that the Ilini have to change their name to something less offensive. Which is funny, because there never actually was an Ilini tribe. There was an Illinois tribe, but I guess it would be too much to ask them to change that name since that is already a state name

The Arizona Aztecs are perfectly fine, however, which shows that the NCAA hates Mexicans. So I guess it would be ok to name a team the South Texas State Wetbacks. Or maybe the University of Southern California Runnin' Immigrants. That would be a great idea, huh?

Other Proposed Names That Are Potentially Offensive
The Alabama Honkey Hicks
The Utah Mutli-Marryin' Mormons
The Ohio State Fighting Whiteys
The Washington DC Crack Heads (aka "The Marion Barrys")
The New York State Fighting Jews
The MIT Pocket Protectors
The San Francisco Ferries

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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