Friday, August 26, 2005

Old Words and Dumb Minds

Have you ever looked back at some of your old college papers and though, "Man..I was really stupid back then?" Well, I got an e-mail from an old college buddy of mine, and that lead me to take another look at my old newspaper columns. The articles were always due Sunday at noon, and I remember spending countless Sunday mornings at work in the library, banging out whatever pointless political article was on my mind. Apparently, I was avidly liberal in college. I don't remember it, but the evidence is there.

I had a good time checking it out, and since I only took one writing class the entire time I was in school, it made be realize two things: 1) how pathetically stupid I am and 2) how worthless my degree really is.

If you're up for a good laugh, check out the obnoxious, screaming idiot from my past.

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